Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Payback Time

Returning to running after two weeks vacation at Glacier National park has been wild with lots of ups and downs.  I have no one else to blame but myself for some of the dumbest mistakes I did upon returning from vacation. Ignoring 90 miles of hiking I did at GNP, I resumed running and pounded 28 miles per week for two consecutive weeks.  To make things more interesting I replaced my worn out Saucony Progrid shoes, which had 4 mm heel to toe drop with Saucony Virrata that has 0 mm heel to toe drop. I did break the shoes in by running 1-2 miles at a time but I was certainly not sensible enough to ease into running with 1-2 milers. By second week of August I started getting pain on outside of left ankle that affected my running form.  It became harder to pick up my left foot as smoothly as my right. My left leg started pronating outwards and I could feel changes in my running form.To add to my misery my right leg had to work extra harder resulting in shin splints on the right leg.

It was time to visit Podiatrist and diagnosis revealed I have developed Peroneal Tendinitis on my left foot.  Needless to say my Podiatrist recommended rest and ice. I’m a very good student and I have been icing like it’s my job and cut down running to 5-10 miles per week. Also I bought a new pair of familiar Saucony Progrid shoes. Experimenting new shoes will have to wait for another time. Spending lot more time cross training with swimming, Spinning, Elliptical and rowing workouts. Continuing Pilates & Iron strength workout without the plyometric components. 

I cancelled my registration from Hartford Marathon and I was pleasantly surprised to hear they refund the registration fees 30 days before the race something that rarely occurs with marathon registrations.  I still have the registration open for Philly half marathon scheduled on Nov-17th.  I’m not looking forward to anything beyond my next workout at the moment.  I had scheduled to run 4 smaller NYRR races (5ks & 4 milers) to before end of the year to qualify for 2014 NYC marathon.
Will take one day at a time to see what I can do on these events.

Notes to myself:
  •   Do not plan vacation in the middle of marathon training. Hiking in the middle of marathon training was not a good idea.
  • Ease slowly back to running after a break of 1-2 weeks.  Start with 1-2 milers.
  • If you make dumb mistakes, you will pay back for it pretty quickly :( 
My good friend Bill from the running club rightly said “you only get two legs for this life. Take care of them.” That said, I’m a pretty patient person and take things as they come. So I’m enjoying the short runs and the cross training workouts at the moment. Long runs will have to wait till I’m ready again.